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What We Offer Producers 

At Children in Theatre Services, we understand that licensing children is a complex process that often involves dealing with multiple Local Authorities and requirements. We aim to take the stress away by helping you navigate this process.


From initial casting, to licensing, safeguarding policies and day to day administration we can create a bespoke package to meet your production’s needs. 

Overview of our Services

We offer a wide range of services than can be tailored to fit your productions needs

Children's Casting

• Liaising with agents and consulting our database to help find suitable children to cast in your production. • Booking audition spaces that meet your requirements. • Working alongside your casting directors and panel we will create an audition environment that is safe, friendly and child appropriate. • Communicate and liaise with families on your behalf ensuring that they understand how the process works, what is required of them and what to do if they get a recall. • If required, assisting your casting team to make any final decisions based on our work with the children and their families.

Licence Applications

• Working with you to build each child’s licence application. • Liaising with families, schools, and councils to gather the information required to apply for a licence. • Using our extensive and qualified knowledge in technical theatre and education we work closely with local authorities and producers to ensure that the productions needs are being met while keeping children’s safety, wellbeing and education at the forefront.

Children's Administration

We will be a day-to-day point of contact for your team including the company manager and chaperones for any child related queries or concerns and work with your team to manage scheduling. We can create an administration package to meet your productions needs and requirements such as: • Creating a format for and reviewing children’s show reports • Formatting and reviewing time sheets • Formatting and reviewing daily record sheets • Creating a chaperone checklist to ensure licence requirements are being met With nearly a decade of experience we are well versed in dealing with any parent related queries that may arise and are happy to liaise with parents on the productions behalf beyond normal day to day communication with the chaperones.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies

• Bespoke Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies for your production • Credible advice and consultancy for company management, chaperones, and producers • Short in-person or online training for the whole company For more information please see our Safeguarding page

Children's General Management

We aim to take the stress away from producers when it comes to the employment and management of children. We are able to offer the following services: • Management of children’s contracts / agreements. • Advising on serious issues and concerns relating to the children on a production. • Being a point of contact for any safeguarding / child protection concerns. • Liaising with production staff to deal with any complaints related to children.

Education Consultancy

• With a fully qualified primary school teacher on our team, we are happy to liaise with schools to ensure that the academic needs of the children’s licences are being met. • We are happy to be a point of contact for your chaperones when it comes to tutoring the children. From phonics to long division, we are happy to support with any curriculum related queries! • We understand that it is often the youngest children that require the most help from the chaperones with their learning! We can offer short in person or online training for chaperones to support with early reading, writing, phonics and maths.

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