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Working with
Councils & Schools

We work closely with all parties to make sure every decision puts children first. From up to date safeguarding and child protection policies through to helping producers ensure they meet their children licence requirements. 

Putting children centre stage

At Children in Theatre Services we understand the importance of all parties working together to ensure the safe employment of children in theatre. With nearly a decade of experience in both professional theatre and education, Matthew and Hannah understand that there is a fine balance between work, education and personal life for children working professionally in theatre.


Most importantly we guide producers to ensure they follow the licencing requirements set by the local authortiy for each child. We advise producers to make sure that this balance is struck correctly to ensure that best possible outcomes for all parties. 

Working with you, we will help you understand the requirements of each child in a given production. 

To find out more about our safe guarding and child protection policies please click here or contact us for more information.

We look forward to working alongside you. 

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